This was a Tough one.

Free freight isn’t free

Quacker Gift Shop started with a tent and Rubber Duck Online Store.  Before Amazon, before automated, online, pay per this, pay per that, pay per click, there were little stores that started to use the internet to bring their idea to the masses.  For us it was a tent.  That’s right; before our first store even opened, we would pack thousands of duckies into a bright yellow trailer and spread duckdom to the masses at festivals, craft shows and more.   Out of a storage unit, the a warehouse, we’d restock the trailer and get ready for the next weekend show. During the week, we’d take pictures of rubber ducks on put them on our website, ship the orders and develop a brand.  Through our blessings, we were able to open a store in Englewood, Colorado, then Manitou Springs and finally Grand Lake where we found our mountain home.  At the same time we were building our business presence in Grand Lake, Amazon was becoming much more than a book reseller.  We continued our online business and added to our stores every year.  As Grand Lake began to become more of a year around town, and Amazon Prime (we love it, use it) made shipping free, it became harder to please our online guests with out raising the cost beyond what we charged in the store.  We tried to change the website, use a newer, better, more modern site.  Unfortunately, the days of being able to regularly update, and profit enough to pay staff were gone.  As such, we decided that we’re closing  We sure hope you can make to Grand lake and visit our store here.  It’s full of all the fun and joy we can squeeze into a little yellow friend.  Quacktacularly, Steve & Jennifer